Time to hit the goal!

Okay so students since boards are in a month or so, it is time for you all to just focus on your goal. If you are distracted, take a month’s leave from social networking, outings with friends or anything that prevents you from concentrating.I highly recommend more and more of paper solving in this particular month. By solving, I mean you should write the entire paper’s answers within the fixed time and see how you are performing. (for papers to solve, please click this link: https://icsestudymate.com/2019/01/12/january-updates/ )

Kindly focus on your PRESENTATION,it does matter a lot.For the time table and daily routine to follow kindly refer this video, it is wonderful!

Please please please watch the video till the end, don’t leave it off in the middle. I guarantee it will help you.

If there are any other queries, you can reach us through:

Email: contact@icsestudymate.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/icsestudymate

Discuss with you peers at: t.me/icsestudymatetalks

Please check your emails after you ask a question, you are replied there itself.Wish you all the best for your preparation! 🙂


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