How to study for ICSE Grade 10 Physics Board Examination?

So, here is how you should study Physics. Remember these whenever you study Physics.

  • Firstly, study only those number of chapters as we suggest you to every month. (You can refer to monthly tasks under Physics from the menu bar for this)
  • Maintain a Physics notebook and whenever you study a chapter make sure to write all the formulas from that particular chapter sequentially in the notebook chapterwise. If you want we can provide with the notes of each chapter.
  • Do not learn definitions. Definitions are nothing but the explanation of the formula. For example: Define work. Ans- Work is the vector product of the force and displacement. i.e. (W=F*S)
  • SOLVE NUMERICALS. Solve as many numerical as possible from each chapter. Firstly, try finishing all numerical from the textbook. After completing that do not fetch for other books. First, finish solving all the past years’ questions and that should be sufficient.
  • Now most importantly understand every single concept. This is the most important because Physics is a completely concept based subject and every question requires your concepts to be clear. If you have trouble with any particular chapter, please let us know we will help you out.
  • Lastly, when you are completely done with your chapter, let us know. We will give you a question paper.


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