Study tips (Hindi)

Hindi is the easiest (mark my words) of all subjects. Scoring marks in Hindi is a cakewalk. So we expect you to not to spend much time on Hindi and instead focus on other important subjects.

So, here is how you should study Hindi. Remember these whenever you study Hindi.

  1. Firstly, study only those topics as we suggest you to every month. (You can refer to monthly tasks under Hindi from the menu bar for this)
  2. Every Sunday to Sunday write at least one essay on the topics we suggest you on the site.
  3. Daily read at least one article which will help you improve your vocabulary and also you will have points for your essays. Soon we will also start publishing articles on the site which will definitely help you with your Hindi.
  4. Following are the only topics asked in Boards and prepare only those according to the monthly planner. The topics are:
  • Essays
  • Letters
  • Unseen Comprehension
  • Grammar
  • Literature (Ekanki Sanchay and Sahitya Sagar or whatever book your school follows)

5.Lastly, when you are completely done with a particular topic, let us know. We will give you a question paper.


  1. Avatar Sarang

    Ma’am, I am having difficulties with grammar or Q4. Do you have any suggestions and tips to help me?

  2. Ma’am, can you send the tough paper that you said have all questions covered for Sahitya Sagar poems, stories and rest (Section A) if possible. I score 90%+ in Science, English and Math always but 75-80% in HCG and Hindi. I am putting my best effort in these too.

    • Also,don’t worry Hindi is checked very liniently in Boards. It’s easier to score there than to score in school exams!

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