Study tips (Biology)

So, here is how you should study Biology. Remember these whenever you study Biology.

  • Firstly, study only those number of chapters as we suggest you to every month. (You can refer to monthly tasks under Biology from the menu bar for this)
  • Maintain a Biology notebook and whenever you study a chapter make important notes from that particular chapter sequentially in the notebook chapterwise. If you want, we can also provide you effective notes and flashcards for each chapter.
  • Focus on diagram-based questions and definitions. Later we’ll be telling you the most important of all chapters for the Boards.
  • Lastly, when you are completely done with you chapter, let us know. We will give you a question paper. The question paper will consist of every single question which can be asked from that particular chapter in the Boards.
  • You can also give us your solved answer sheets for corrections.

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  1. Avatar Natsu Scarlet

    Can you please post the list of important diagrams for icse 2019?

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