SMP – History and Civics

Struggling with History and Civics? Don’t know where to begin from? Confused regarding the names and dates of specific events? No worries, ICSE STUDYMATE got your back!

-A systematic and flexible study schedule will be designed after the student’s caliber is analysed to ensure that the time is utilised efficiently and put to best use. We want the best for the students and attention will be given to their weak areas in studies.

-Ready to clear the doubts related to the subject, anytime.

-Chapters you find difficult will be explained to you in the simplest manner.

-Will strive to make the subject attractive and interesting in a way that students don’t feel burdened.

-Regular mock tests will be conducted so that the student gets familiarised with the question paper pattern and time management.

-Chapters you find difficult will be made as simplified as possible.

(If you’ve filled the form for any other subject mentorship programme, you do not need to fill this form again!)


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