Important Reference books for English I

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are preparing well for the exam! One of the students asked me to suggest reference material and books for English Language. I highly recommend the following books for your English Language preparation.

  1. Wren and Martin (It is a great book for all the students writing any exam which consists of English Grammar)
  2. Total English for Class 10 ICSE
  3. Together with (English Language and Literature for class grade 10)
  4. Comprehensive Grammar for current English

These are the best books that you can refer. I personally suggest, the best way you can ace English Language is by solving more and more of past year’s papers and sample papers.

Click here to know the various online sources for the sample question papers.

Click here to refer study tips on English Language. ______________________________________________________________

I’m adding the links from where you can buy the above suggested books.



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  1. Avatar icsestudent needs ur help again

    ma’am, can u give us a question paper on major subjects and if we do it can we send it back to you for correction thanks ma’am

  2. Avatar icsestudent needs ur help again

    ma’am mostly math, chemistry and physics. thank u

  3. Avatar Shreya Srivastava

    It was really helpful.

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