ICSE StudyMate Prelim papers

I’m sharing the link to the ICSE StudyMate question papers. Please download it from the link given below.

You can also practice various Prelims papers of the top ICSE schools : http://bit.ly/ICSESchoolsPrelimsPapers_19-20

All the best. Time yourself while solving the paper.

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  1. Avatar Sarang

    Ma’am, can you help me with geography, hindi and history? I have commented my problems in the respective subjects. Look forward to your response, ma’am.

  2. Avatar Sarang

    1. Topomaps – how to give evidences/proofs for rainfall, transport, etc.
    2. Union Executive (both)
    3. History entire
    4. Hindi Grammar (Q4)
    5. ‘Sandeh’ in Hindi

    Is it true that chapters never repeat in Hindi. My Ma’am says that it has repeated in previous book Gadhya Sankalan.

    Thanks so much ma’am.

  3. Avatar Sheetal

    Pls key to this question paper

  4. Avatar Suyash Jaisingh

    I have a doubt.
    Is it necessary to answer questions in the exact sequence as in the question paper in the English Language exam?
    I mean do we have to write the composition first then letter then email & notice then comprehension and at last the grammar part.
    Can I attempt the question paper at last of my answer sheet?
    Please tell me.

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