Physics tips

Yay! We’re extremely glad that only past years’ papers were tested in History as we had asked you to study!

Now comes preparation tips for Physics. For Physics, just doing the past years’ papers won’t work as it is a very conceptual subject and things are repeated very rarely.

So what should you do?Divide the entire book into 3 parts.

Part 1- The most difficult of all chapters. (Which you find difficult)

Part 2- The moderate chapters

Part 3- The easy chapters

Today, you’ve to complete all the chapters under part 1. (Read theory+ clear your concepts+ numericals + previous years’ papers glancing)

Don’t sleep without doing that.

Tomorrow before doing Lunch, Part 2 should be completed. (In the same way you did Part 1). Complete part 3 by Dinner.

Once you’re done with all the parts, write down all the formulas from all the chapters on a sheet of paper. Revise it once before sleeping and once after waking up in the morning and then you’re all prepared for the exam!

Theory questions are repeated many a times, so do them quite well but do not solely depend on past years’ papers as you did for History.

Good luck. 🙂
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  1. Avatar Raghavi

    Hi , can u tell the chapters which are more important plz for physics

  2. Avatar Manaswi

    Pls try to help to solve numericals

    • Tomorrow is the exam! So for now just revise the formulas and practice all the numericals asked in the past 5 years. That will help!

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