Which are the most important Merchant of Venice scenes for ICSE Board Examination?

Following are some of the most important scenes from Merchant of Venice. It is to be noted that, one must study all the scenes thoroughly from the book and give more importance to these scenes.

A) Act 1
Scene 1
1)Salarino : My wind cooling my broth…..to think upon his merchandise.
From line no.23-41
2)Gratiano : Let me play the fool : ……exhortation after dinner.
From line no.82-107
3)Bassanio : In Belmont is a lady…..questionless be fortunate.
From line no.164-179

Scene 2
4)Portia : If to do were as …..nor refuse none.From line no.12-26

Scene 3
5)Shylock : How like a fawning….If I forgive him.From line no.36-47
6)Shylock : Signior Antonio…..thus much moneys.From line no.98-121

B)Act 2
Scene 1
7)Morocco : Mislike me…..my affection.
From line no.1-22

Scene 2
8)Launcelot : Certainly……I will run.
From line no.1-29
9)Launcelot : Father,in…..of an eye.
From line no.148-160
10)Bassanio : Why,then….my hopes.
From line no.176-183

Scene 3 & 4 nothing is there.

Scene 5
11)Shylock : What,are there…….will come.
From line no.29-40

Scene 6
12)Gratiano : That ever holds:…..wanton wind.From line no.9-20

Scene 7
13)Morocco : Some god….as I may !
From line no.13-60
14)Morocco : O hell !…..losers part.
From line no.63-78

Scene 8
15)Salarino : A kinder…..they parted.
From line no.37-51

Scene 9
16)Arragon : And so have I…..fortunes here.From line no.18-52.

C)Act 3
Scene 1
17)Salarino : I would she were….name company.From line no.8-14
18)Shylock : To bait….instruction.
From line no.46-65

Scene 2
19)Portia : I pray you….from election.
From line no.1-24
20)Bassanio: So may….consequence.
From line no.74-108
21)Bassanio : O Sweet….rocks.
From line no.254-275

Scene 3 has nothing.

Scene 4
22)Portia : I never repent….upon you.
From line no.10-35

D)Act 4
Scene 1
23)Shylock: I have possessed….you answered.From line no.36-63
24)Portia : The Quality….merchant there.
From line no.191-212

Scene 2 has nothing.

E)Act 5
Scene 1
25)Bassanio : Sweet portia….displeasure.
From line no.208-214.

These scenes are more important than the others but that does not mean that you should not read the other scenes. You should just focus on these more!

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