Monthly, Weekly and Daily Planner to prepare strategically for ICSE Board examination

Monthly Planner – Targets to be achieved

Is it difficult for you to manage time? Do you think you’ll be able to perform better if someone checks your daily progress? Get a personal mentor for yourself who looks after your preparation every day!

To make it fun for you to finish your targets, we have created a Monthly target BINGO!

STEP 1: Make a Copy of the following sheet.

STEP 2: Each time you finish a chapter, mark the chapter’s cell with green colour in the sheet.

STEP 3: Comment below that you have finished the BINGO. The first person to finish to bingo will get featured!

Click here to know what to study daily and weekly to cover all the subjects

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  1. Heyy! Congratulations for finishing the June targets🥳🥳🙌 Check out the July targets in the same sheet above!

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