Monthly task (Eng. Literature)

We suggest you all to complete all of your chapters very thoroughly by November so that you have enough time for paper solving and proper revision. So, these are the number of chapters you are supposed to finish off by every month.

(Note: When I say 2+2 it means 2 stories and 2 poems)

June : 2+2+1ACT (any)

July : 2+2+1ACT (any)

August : 2+2+1ACT (any)

September : 2+2+1ACT (any)

October : 1+1+ 1ACT(any)

November : 1+1+ (any remaining act)


NOTE: When you study these chapters, make sure you study them very thoroughly like you’ll not get time even before Boards to study. If there is a problem with any topic you can ask us here and we’ll either make a tutorial or explain you directly.(if you need noted for any particular scene or ACT let us know)


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