Mole concept

Here are some important numerical from the chapter mole concept.

  1. Calculate the volume of 320 g of SO2 at STP (atomic mass: S=32 and O=16)
  2. Calculate the volume of oxygen required for the complete combustion of 8.8 g of propane (C3H8) [atomic mass: C=12, O=16, H=1 ;molar volume= 22.4 dm3 at STP)
  3. Compute the moles of K3PO4 needed to produce 0.066 moles of KCl as per the equation:
    3CaCl2+ K3PO4 –>Ca3 (PO4)2+ 6 KCl [Ca=40, Cl=35.5, K=39, P=31, O =16]
  4. Compute the moles of HCl needed to form 0.35 mole of Cl2 with the following equation: 4HCl+ O2–>2H2O+2Cl2
  5. If 6 litres of hydrogen and 5.6 litres of chlorine are mixed and exploded, what will be the composition by volume of the resulting gaseous mixture?
  6. A solution of common salt when added to silver nitrate solution yields a precipitate of silver chloride which is 0.28 g in mass. Find the mass of sodium chloride in the solution and also the mass of sodium nitrate formed. [atomic mass: Na=23, Cl=35.5, N=14,O=16 , Ag=108]
  7. An organic compound with vapour density =94, contains C=12.67% , H=2.13% and Br=85.11%. Find its molecular formula. [atomic mass: C=12, H=1 , Br=80]
  8. An organic compound contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and chlorine. Find its empirical formula from the following data: C=56.71% ,H=4.72% , N=8.27% and 0.165 g of it gave 0.1397g of silver chloride. If the vapour density= 85, calculate the molecular formula. [C=12, H=1, N=14, Cl=35.5]
  9. Ammonia and oxygen combine to produce water vapour and nitric oxide according to the chemical equation: 4NH3+ 5O2–>6H2O+4NO

a)Write the chemical equation in terms of Gay Lussac’s law of combining volumes and the Avogadro’s law. How many moles of oxygen are required to burn 85 g of ammonia?

b)How many mole s of nitric oxide will be produced in reaction (a) ?

c)What is the volume of ammonia at STP that will oxygen in reaction (b)?


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