Following are your targets for the month of June. If you need a customized planner, message us!

Physics– 2 chapters

Chemistry-3 chapters

Biology– 4 chapters

Computer- 3 chapters

Maths– 4 chapters

Geography– 3 chapters

History– 5 chapters

Hindi– 1chapter+ vyakran(grammar)

Eng.lit– 2poems+ 2prose(stories) +any 1 complete ACT

Eng.lang- Practice Tenses completely.



1)Every Sunday you should write one essay in Hindi and one in English

2) Daily before sleeping read hindi grammar from language text book or some English essays. Remember language is not built in a day. It needs time and practice.So do not take it for granted and practice it regularly.

3) Remember when you study these chapters,please make notes. Refer to our post on how to make notes.

This will be 100% helpful if you do it diligently. This is the time you can actually study these chapters properly.

Good luck! πŸ™‚

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    • Hehe I know it’s a tough task but you need to divide the whole book in parts and study. Only do as much I say and you won’t have last moment issues later.

      • Manav Manav

        Very true , and how much time is left nine to ten………

  1. Manav Manav

    Hey StudyMATE Actually I wanted Some help of urs , If possible could give me the time table of August as I wanted to restart it all again. Cuz I have lost July N a quarter August In mun stuff and some competitions resulting which I wont be able to give NTSE too ( is it really too late for to start with?)
    I wanted to have a fresh start from this Indepence Day-

    • Your request has already been looked up to! πŸ™‚
      Thanks for the response!!

  2. Avatar Neeharika Shrivastava

    Can you please upload monthly tasks for the other months? Thanks!

    • Also I suggest you to go through the monthly tasks and the study tips of every subject which you can access easily through the menu bar at the top right corner of your screen (if you’re a mobile phone user) or it’s to the left (if you’re a laptop or pc user)

  3. Avatar Thashwin

    Please start tips for 2021 batch

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