Which is the best reference book/website for ICSE Board exam?

Now students these two months January and February play a really important role in your preparation.

It’s time for you all to start solving past year’s question papers.

Some sites which have these question papers in a really organised manner are:
a) https://www.topperlearning.com/

b) https://www.aplustopper.com/icse-previous-year-papers-solutions-class-10/

c) https://schools.aglasem.com/25079

d) http://www.cisce.org/icse_X_Specimen_Question_Papers_2019.aspx

  • https://www.aplustopper.com/ is an excellent site for extra reference. You can practice sample papers from there and also refer their notes for Geography and History. They are very helpful.
  • https://deltastep.com/ is another very helpful site. It helps a lot in concept clearing and I highly recommend this one specially for Science!

e) Prelims papers of the top ICSE schools : http://bit.ly/ICSESchoolsPrelimsPapers_19-20

f) Click here to find out reference books for English I (English Language/ Grammar)



I highly suggest you all to buy this past year’s solved question papers book. I know the book is quite expensive as compared to other study material online but the reason why I’m insisting you on buying this book is – In ICSE board examination, about 85-90% of the papers are repeated every year. Trust me, they are. Only solving the past year’s question papers can easily help you fetch above 90%. So, please buy this book by Oswal publishers. I couldn’t find the latest edition of the book so the link I’ve mentioned is of the 2018 edition but if you find, do buy the 2021 version of Oswal publishers


Students, all the links  I’ve mentioned above are much more than enough. Do not waste time now on searching online material. I’ve added the above links after a lot of research and personal experience. You can blindly rely upon it. Wish you all good luck for your exam!

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    ma’am can you give us numerical for mole concept and notes for organic chem. also can u give a question paper for chemistry and biology. thank u.

  2. Avatar icsestudentneedshelp

    ma’am can u give us question paper for maths

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