History Preparation tips

Hi guys! We are extremely glad that you performed well in your English Literature exam and all those chapters and scenes that we asked you to study were only asked!

Now it is time for you to focus on History!

If you’ve been with us for long, you know that we never recommend anything wrong and we speak only out of lot of experience.

For History exam, just take all the past 10 years’ question papers and solve them. 98% of the questions are repeated which means you’ll fetch 95+ above without any efforts. If you believe in us, just do this. If you don’t, keep studying the entire book and fetch lesser marks than the ones who studied only past years’ papers! 🙂

Also after you’re done studying the past years’ papers and you still have time, just once again revise all the topics given in the syllabus book( the official syllabus) and then you’re completely ready for the exam!

Here are a few notes, which you might want to go through!



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