How to study for ICSE Board Exam in the last 2 months?

Before this post, I really want you all to check out the study tips.

Many of you wanted me to provide a daily routine as to which subject to do when and how much time to spend on each subject. The following will be useful.

Study or solve question paper of the given subject on the given day.

Monday- Physics

Tuesday- Computer Science(optional subject)

Wednesday- Chemistry

Thursday- Geography

Friday- Biology +Hindi

Saturday- History + Eng lang

Sunday- Maths + Eng lit


Along with this,

1) Summarise at least one chapter or a poem daily from English literature.

2) Learn Hindi idioms,proverbs, quotes and all. Also learn Hindi paryavachi, vilom, etc

3) Solve one chapter of Maths daily.


You can take the above time table as a blueprint and make your own or follow this one.


For all those students asking for my question papers, click here!


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