I had the time of my life, serving ICSE STUDYMATE as a teammate this year. Our output this year is a result of understanding and cooperation. From evening zoom meetings and group discussions to making notes and timetables, I had a marvelous time. Thanks to Aditi, our leader for influencing us in all the right ways, for being a fun , interactive and responsible person and for understanding our point of view every time. I look forward to continuing my journey with others in this platform because this has been a wonderful, creative and challenging experience. I got to meet new people who were in team from different parts of the country, got to help many students, got to work with so many wonderful people, so all in all, I had a great year and I’m proud to be a part of the ICSE STUDYMATE family. Thank you.

-Sheikha Sam, Content Creator (Student of ICSE batch 2020)

Joining ICSE StudyMate was one of the best learning experience for me. Be it when I joined in as just another person needing an outlet during my boards or as mentor trying to aid the current batch to the best of my abilities.A better opportunity to explore myself all the while aiding the students to overcome obstacles which I myself faced, wouldn’t have arisen! All in all it was an amazing journey with the best team mates one could demand. Always looking forward to aiding whenever possible.

Loads of regards, and best wishes….!

Mariam Khan, Content Creator (Student of ICSE batch 2020)

Working with @icsestudymate was awesome! You guys who are the batch of 2021,just give it a try you’ll love it. Not only it helps you meet People from all over the country it . Everyone is amazing, truly amazing experience!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dhruv Aryan, Meme Team (Student of ICSE batch 2020)