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Once my dev environment base image existed on my computer, subsequent iterations of creating a new dev environment for this or other .NET 6 projects took less than 10 seconds. Docker Dev Environments allows you to define the tooling, dependencies, and runtime stack to develop your app inside a container. And it’s a container that you can use yourself or share with others.

But with a little knowledge and a little advanced planning, we .NET developers can benefit from the feature just as easily. Starting with a clean Docker system , it took about 1.5 minutes for Docker Desktop to create the assets. That includes pulling the .NET SDK image referenced in Dockerfile. Keep in mind that I have slooooow Internet at my house in the countryside so if you have decent speeds, it will be much faster!

What’s Docker Engine got to do with Docker?

When that’s complete and I open up VS Code, once again, I’m prompted to install the recommended extensions. Once again, I can verify that .NET 6 is in my environment with dotnet –version. And finally, I run my very wonderful app to reveal the Hello, Code!

If you’ve created Docker images before, this will be familiar. However, as it’s for special purposes, the file needs to be tucked into a special subfolder named .docker that must be present at the root of the repository. Note the period in front as well as the fact that it’s lower case. Currently, the Dev Environment builder won’t see that folder if it’s not named using all lower case, so be sure to do that up front. Docker Desktop originated as a developer-focused version of the Docker Engine that you can use on your development computers. In the past, this was just referred to as Docker Community Edition.

docker development consulting

The way to trigger this feature is to add an extensions.json file into the .vscode folder. You can even make and push that change from this container if you want. But for a view on setting up your original project correctly, let’s go back to the local Hello Code project. I also wanted to relay some timings, but please keep in mind that this is just on my little MacBook and I have slow Internet!

The Best DevOps Tools for Your Application Lifecycle

All these systems can be used in tandem with Docker to enhance security. Arjun Sethi is a Co-Founder of Tribe Capital, a venture capital firm built by engineers, scientists and founders. Tribe Capital has made notable investments in Bolt, Carta, Front, Instabase, Momentus, and Relativity Space.

  • Docker and Snyk have simplified the process for building and deploying secure applications.
  • He is a member of the Technical Oversight Committee for the Cloud Native Security Foundation, helping grow projects and community in the cloud native space.
  • Imagine downloading a technology or a framework you know that is compatible with other frameworks and libraries that can be packaged to create an application.
  • Docker is the leading enterprise containerization service in the industry, widely used across enterprise-level systems for companies including Expedia, GlaxoSmithKline, and Jabil.
  • We would need to download and may be, install that technology.

They often provide a more pleasant out-of-box experience with additional tooling to help with deployment, upgrades, and more. These distributions are often much more than the vanilla upstream Kubernetes you’ll find on GitHub, and I recommend you try them first. Referring back to my initial definitions, remember that Kubernetes requires a container runtime to manage containers on its behalf. Before you install Kubernetes, you must decide which runtime to use.


We would want to be able to hire developers without having to worry about picking developers who work on the same technology stack as the team’s. We would want these new hires to be as productive as possible. With our Kubernetes consulting services, we bring order to your Container chaos. We consult your DevOps team on best-practices and help establish Kubernetes for security, scaling, and availability. Bloom can help you implement Kubernetes with all the major cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

docker development consulting

Developers find Docker advantageous because they can quickly modify the containers through it. Jean-Laurent is the VP Engineering for Docker, overseeing the global engineering team for all products. He brings over 20 years of software engineering and development experience. Prior to this, Jean-Laurent was leading the developer solution group within Docker.

When we talk about containers, Docker is by far the most popular one. However, containers have been part of an operating system way before even Docker was introduced. A Docker container image is a lightweight, standalone, executable package of software along with enhanced security.

From Hello Code to a Dev Environment

The outcome of this Dockerfile is an image that, when run as a container, allows you to code, build, and run .NET apps and even use the dotnet CLI. Docker uses this image as a basis for the final contained environment that it builds for you. Docker Desktop also pushes the code for the Hello Code app into the image. Notice that at this point, I haven’t done anything to containerize this application. Another nicety I want to point out that arrived in the dashboard is volume management.

After you can write Dockerfiles or Compose files and use Docker CLI, take it to the next level by using Docker Engine SDK for Go/Python or use the HTTP API directly. Visit the Develop with Docker Engine APIsection to learn more about developing with the Engine API, where to find SDKs for your programming language of choice, and to see some examples. Put your email below to get affordable & customized Docker services that exceed customer expectations. Docker reduces the foot print and makes automation easier and helps transform the company with a combination of modern as well as legacy technologies. An internal digital makeover to improve operations and the customer experience.

docker development consulting

But you aren’t sharing an image that you have to push and pull. You’re sharing what’s needed to build the image and Docker Desktop will build it locally for each user. At CloudJournee, we leverage Docker to containerize applications & help organizations deploy them more frequently than ever before. Our Docker consultants have expertise in determining proper tools, developing containerized architectures, ensuring optimal deployment & providing 24x7x365 support for Dockerized applications.

The concept of containerized applications – using containers to isolate many apps from each other on a single server – has existed for decades. Yet, there wasn’t an easy-to-use tool that focused on the full application lifecycle until Docker. openshift consulting Docker Desktop will see your .NET language code and provide its own dotnet-based dev environment container. Keep in mind that you still may want to create your own custom environment if there’s additional tooling that you require.

Should you install Kubernetes on top of Docker?

Based in Paris, he previously worked at various startups and services companies across Europe. A time when using DevOps and microservices has become the new normal, it’s not enough to develop features fast. There is a need to deploy them swiftly while maintaining stability. Containers enable us to transfer our applications to isolated, highly portable production ready packages.

Docker Consulting & Development

As Containers are pretty lightweight, Orchestration can do faster scale up of application containers based on the traffic spikes. For such orchestration, Docker either uses its built-in tool Swarm Mode or other third-party tools like Kubernetes. These tools are for automating the processes of deploying, scaling, connecting, load-balancing, and managing containers.

Jeff has invested in more than 150 companies, notably nCino , JFrog , Alteryx , AirWatch , Shutterstock , TeamViewer , WIX , and Greenfield Online . Prior to founding Insight, Jeff worked at Warburg Pincus and Goldman Sachs. Jeff graduated from M.I.T. and the University of Pennsylvania. As VP of People, Alisa is responsible for the people strategy and ensuring an exceptional experience for all employees. She has over 15 years experience in scaling global organizations while implementing successful and meaningful people programs in employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and career development. Prior to joining Docker, Alisa served as a trusted global people leader scaling a hyper-growth organization spanning more than 70 countries.

Scott holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting from the University of the Pacific—Eberhardt School of Business. Most professionals choose Linux distributions (Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, etc.) to run the Linux Kernel. Likewise, many people choose Kubernetes distributions to run Kubernetes. The truth is, though, you often won’t need to worry about choosing a container runtime.


It doesn’t aim to be user-friendly to humans directly, but rather to act as the middleware between your containers and tools like Kubernetes. Docker Engine is a “container runtime.” It knows how to run and manage containers on a single operating system host. Now you need one more little itty bitty file also in the .docker folder. This is to guide the Docker Desktop dev environment builder to find the source of the image, which, in this case, is defined by your Dockerfile. You’ll add a new file called config.json and in it, reference the Dockerfile by name. It’s also possible to point to a pre-existing image and you’ll get to do that later on in this article.


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