Avoid these mistakes during the ICSE Board exams.

Hey guys!

I know you all have studied really hard and now it is time for you to show your hard work on the paper.

Here are some things I want you to remember throughout your BOARD examination journey.

1) 21 days before the exam:

Start going to bed early and wake up before 7 or at the most 7 o’clock in the morning.

Take bath, have breakfast and sit and study for at least 2 hours after which you have can take a break of 20 mins max.Again sit and study for next 2 hours and then break for 20 mins and continue doing the same.

Don’t study too much at a stretch because it leads to exertion and you tend to forget what you studied.

2)Now, a lot of you wanted to know how to study one day before the exams. So,the simple tip is take the past year’s question papers, read them and try answering those questions. Which questions you were not able to answer, read only those topics from your textbook as it will not possible for you guys to read the entire text book before the exam.

3)This is one of the most important things to be kept in mind which many neglect.

When you’re in the examination hall or 15/20 mins before entering the examination hall , avoid talking to your friends about anything. Just sit quietly and calm yourself. The reason is, if you talk to someone and they discuss with you something that you don’t know, you’ll start freaking out. So please avoid contact.

Also, this should be followed even after writing the paper. Do not, at any cost, discuss answers with anyone. What you’ve written cannot be unwritten! There is no point discussing anything.

4)When you come back home after writing a paper,do not waste that day. I’ve seen many chilling out the day when they wrote exam and then procrastinating the work until the day before the next exam. This doesn’t work.

5) Focus on your presentation because it matters. Draw lines after you finish an answer and underline the keywords of answers. Such things creates a good impression on the examiner.

6)Do not get overconfident or underconfident while writing the papers. Do not rush. Also,one more important thing while you’re writing the paper forget about your goal (90/95% above) because if by chance you’re unable to answer something, you’ll get nervous because you’re unable to answer and you desperately want to answer it to score your desired % but you forget in getting that 1 question right, you waste so much of your time and also lose your calm. So, it’s completely okay to not get answer to a question.

7) Make the best use of the reading time and select your questions wisely. Try not to attempt extra questions because you’ll not get any extra credit for it but for sure lose a lot of time.

8)You can solve either Section A or Section B first depending on your choice.

Check out instagram for the recent tips I’ve given.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/icsestudymate

All the very best! Do your best ! You’ve prepared your best, stay honest and God will help you.


  1. Avatar Sujal Jain

    Oh!! I thank my friends that they told me about this Instagram page…
    This page is awesome and I loved it..
    Thanks a lot ICSE STUDY MATE….

  2. Avatar Sujal Jain

    Oh!! I thank my friends that they told me about this Instagram page…
    This page is awesome and I loved it..
    Thanks a lot ICSE STUDY MATE….

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